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ChiFarmerBae believes that there is always room to grow, and she's here to help you grow your dreams, one seed at a time.

With our help, you'll be able to start your own garden, grow your own food, and reduce your dependence on conventional food systems. Sign up for our newsletter to get tips, tricks, and updates on our latest class offerings, events, and programs.

Brandon L.

“Taking ChiFarmerBae's course was one of the best decisions I've made. Not only do I now have a thriving garden, but I also noticed the positive impact on my mental and spiritual health, as it gave me a sense of connection to nature and the satisfaction of growing my own food. Overall, I highly recommend ChiFarmerBae to anyone looking to live a healthier, happier, more grounded, connected, and self-sufficient lifestyle.”

Brandon L.


Grow fresh produce at home.

ChiFarmerBae teaches city dwellers how to grow their own produce sustainably, even in small spaces - so you can enjoy fresh, healthy food without the absorbent cost or hassle of the grocery store.

“ChiFarmerBae's online courses are so informative and easy to follow. I never thought I could grow my own food in my tiny apartment, but now I have a beautiful and delicious garden on my balcony!”

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Makayla P.

Grow fresh produce at home

Connect with a community of 23K+.

ChiFarmerBae brings together like-minded individuals who are passionate about healthy living, reducing dependence on conventional food systems, and sustainable urban agriculture. Join our community to learn, share, and grow together.

“ChiFarmerBae has truly changed my life. I never thought I could grow my own food, but she made it easy and fun! Thanks to ChiFarmerBae, I now have a thriving garden in my small apartment. I can't recommend her enough!”

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Shelia Y.

Connect with a community of 23K+

Learn valuable skills.

ChiFarmerBae offers a range of services to empower urban communities to grow their own food and live healthier lives. Her offers include: hands-on workshops where you will learn the basics of urban agriculture and how to grow your own food in small spaces; online courses on topics like gardening on a budget, how to start a community garden, hydroponics, permaculture, and sustainable urban farming practices; and community outreach where ChiFarmerBae partners with local organizations to bring urban agriculture education to underserved communities.

“I never realized how much I could learn about gardening and farming in an urban environment. ChiFarmerBae has completely changed my perspective on what's possible.”

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Jason T.

Learn valuable skills

"I've always been interested in growing my own food, but I never knew where to start. ChiFarmerBae helped me every step of the way and now I have a thriving vegetable garden in my own backyard!"

Tamika J.


What is urban agriculture?

Urban agriculture is the practice of growing food in urban areas, using small-scale gardening techniques like rooftop gardens, hydroponics, container gardening, and community gardens.

What types of crops can I grow in an urban environment?

Many crops can be grown in an urban environment, including vegetables, fruits, herbs, and even flowers. The key is choosing crops well-suited to your local climate and growing conditions.

Do I need any prior experience to take your classes?

No, ChiFarmerBae's classes are designed for individuals of all skill levels.

Do I need any special equipment?

No, ChiFarmerBae will teach you how to make the most of the space you have, whether that's a windowsill or a balcony.

What services does ChiFarmerBae offer?

ChiFarmerBae offers a range of urban agriculture education services, including in-person workshops, on-line courses, consultations, and community gardens.

How can I get involved with ChiFarmerBae?

ChiFarmerBae is always looking for volunteers to help with community garden projects. Sign up for our newsletter and email ChiFarmerBae to let her know your interest in sowing and growing with her.

How much space do I need to start an urban garden?

You don't need much space at all! Many of our growers start with a few pots in a window or on a balcony or patio.

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“Ready to start growing your own food and living a healthier, more self-sufficient life? Sign up for our online or in-person classes and newsletter today and start growing your dreams, one seed at a time.”

Growing Dreams, One Seed at a Time. Sowing & Growing Solutions.

ChiFarmerBae is on a mission to change the way people think about agriculture and farming. ChiFarmerBae believes that anyone can be a farmer, no matter where they live or what resources they have. Our programs are designed to show that urban agriculture is a viable, sustainable solution to food insecurity, a multitude of physical and mental plagues, and environmental degradation.


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